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October 2017

Dance Day with Susanne Anders Bartholomäi, by Keryn Evely

Two years in the arranging and at last Susanne Anders Bartholomäi was with us in the Three Kings’ Hall, Auchterarder. Susanne said this was the first time she had been invited to teach a day’s workshop in Scotland.

Dance Day with Susanne Anders Bartholomäi Oct 14th 2017

We were 21 dancers, the majority of whom were probably not sure quite what to expect.

Susanne certainly got 100% concentration from the dancers as she got us to feel and think about where a movement was initiated, making suggestions to help us appreciate that.

She led us into a gentle movement, or short sequence, which then became part of a dance.

The pictures on the website show us dancing a lively partner dance called Vira de Frielas. However most of the dances were quieter and calmer ones . . .

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"I would love to dance with Susanne again. It was a brilliant day. 'The steps are not the dance'!" Irene K.

July 2017

Teachers' Practice Day in Auchterarder, by Keryn Evely

July 2017, Teachers' Practice Day, Auchterarder

We started promptly at 11.00am with our six teachers. Three were CSCD ones - Lynne, Keryn and Elke. Rose and Maria were unable to join us so we invited three new/emerging teachers Katie Jack, Kate Daly and Carol Holtom all of whom have come to past TPD and supported us as ‘willing guinea pigs’. We were joined by an additional nine dancers.

By luck rather than design we had a good mix of dances. The programme was arranged as best it could not knowing how much time would be needed for teaching but it worked out well with time for repeats as we went through. The new teachers brought us new insights. . .

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"I know it's the only way to build my confidence. I really enjoyed the day and the nice relaxed atmosphere." Carol

"What a lovely and very helpful day yesterday. It was lovely to meet up with everyone again and have the chance to practice new dances. Thanks all for your support and encouragement." Kate x

April 2017

Dancing with Susanne Anders Bartholomäi, by Diana Treffry

I've been lucky enough to dance with Susanne a few times as part of the Findhorn Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song, where I especially appreciated the way she invited our bodies to wake up to the dance in her morning attunement sessions. At other times she introduced us to and accompanied her treasured mentors, like Dimitris Barbaroussis and Nanni Kloke.

I was so taken with her style of teaching that twice I've joined the group that Frances Fawkes gathers together in Somerset to dance with Susanne. . .

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