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What is Circle Dance?

Dancing in a circle is an ancient tradition common to many cultures around the globe for all sorts of reasons, such as marking special occasions, strengthening community and encouraging togetherness.

Modern circle dance draws on the rich and diverse traditional dances of many countries, including the Balkans, Greece, Israel, Russia, and France and in the 40 years or so that circle dance as we know it has been spreading around the world, there is a growing repertoire of choreographed dances to all kinds of music from native and traditional to country, rock, pop and classical.

circle dancing

Circle dances can be energetic and lively or gentle and reflective. The aim is always to experience the joy of dancing with others and to create a sense of well-being and community.

Anyone of any age or ability can circle dance and most dances can be adapted to allow for different abilities. Each dance is taught, there is normally no audience, partners are not needed and we have a saying:

There is no such thing as mistakes in circle dancing, only variations

. . . and all variations are welcome.

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"I've just spent a lovely day circle dancing with friends from Kinross, Cupar, Auchterarder and Sauchie circle dancing groups. Happy dancing a variety of dances to beautiful music professionally taught by our individual teachers Lynne, Rose, Elke, Maria and Keryn. Also tasty refreshments to sustain us in a lovely venue. Thank you all for such a pleasurable day. Looking forward to many more of the same. Xx

Thank you. Jessie."

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