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Guest Teachers / Choreographers / Musicians:

Allyn Edwards Facebook: Allyn Edwards
Amanda Huttl YouTube: Amanda Huttl
Anne-Lise Kryger Facebook: Anne-Lise Kryger
Barbara Driscoll Website:
Chrisandra Harris Website:
Christine Read Facebook: Christine Read
Cindy Kelly & Adrian Pointon Website:
Dee Voce & Nawal Gadalla
Fatima Aguirre Ramos YouTube: Fatima Aguirre Ramos
Hazel Young Website:
Jeanette Whitford
Joyce McAndrew YouTube: Joyce McAndrew
Judy King Website:
Lesley Laslett Website:
Lilly Sell YouTube: Lilly Sell Circle Dance
Liz Hammer Facebook: Liz Hammer
Lucia Stopper YouTube: Lucia Stopper
Paul Boizot Website:
Sophia Hatch Facebook: Sophia Hatch
Stefan and Bethan Freedman Websites:  |  Dance Wise
Yvonne Shapiro YouTube: Yvonne Shapiro

Other Dance Groups/Individuals:

Circle Dancing for All Website:
Circle Dance Ireland Website:
Ana da Costa

CSCD Dance Venues:

Venue Address Map
Alloa Sauchie Parish Church Hall, Main Street, Sauchie, FK10 3JX Sauchie
Alva Parkland 192 West Stirling Street, Alva, FK12 5BG Alva
Auchinleck Indoor Bowling Stadium, Well Rd, Auchinleck, KA18 2JZ Auchinleck
Auchterarder Ochil Towers School, 140 High Street, Auchterarder, PH3 1AD Auchterarder
Cupar Old Parish Centre, Short Lane, Cupar, KY15 5EQ Cupar
Edinburgh Meadowbank Church, 83 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5TT Edinburgh
Gartmore Gartmore Village Hall, Gartmore, FK8 3RW Gartmore
Kinross Dance Connect, Junction Road, Kinross, KY13 8FL Kinross
Springfield Manse Rd, Springfield, Cupar KY15 5RY Springfield
St Andrews Boys' Brigade Hall, Kinnesburn Road, St Andrews, KY16 8BW St Andrews
Strathmiglo Strathmiglo, Cupar KY14 7QL Strathmiglo
Stonehaven St Bridget’s Hall, Bridgefield/Dunnottar Ave, Stonehaven, AB39 2JF Stonehaven


The community in the northeast of Scotland to which Bernard Wosien first brought Sacred Circle Dance and from which it has spread throughout the world. There is a week-long Dance Festival there every summer.


Circle Dance Network

The Sacred/Circle Dance Network publishes the quarterly 'Grapevine' journal. In it, as well as interesting articles, you will find a diary of Circle Dance events all through the year and all over the UK and abroad, plus listings of teachers, musicians and much more.


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